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Our pass rate  on the Respected National Latin Exam is 90% compared to national rate of 39%.  We offer high academics in a Christian worldview at Columbua Christiain Homeschool Center

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The schedule for next school year is now available!

2019-2020 schedule below

for Columbia Christian homeschool Center

Wednesday 8-10 English 3  Montgomery

       8:30 -10 latin 3 J Fuller  

      10-12Chemistry  B Fuller 

      10-11:30 American history from 1877 J Fuller

      10-12English IV Montgomery

      12-1:30 English 1Montgomery

      12-1:30 Chemistry B Fuller

      12-1:30 geometry J Fuller 

      1:30-3:30 English 2  Montgomery

      1:30-3 Biology 2  Mrs Elmore

      1:30-3  Latin 1 J Fuller 

           130-3 Physics Brenda Fuller


8:30-10 Russian 2/3/4 Jim  Fuller

10- 11:30  Pre cal/trig  Jim Fuller

11:30:1:00  Latiin 3 Fuller

Marine Biology Brenda Fuller

1:00-2:30  latin 2 Fuller

230-4 Algebra 2-Fuller

* philosophy and/or econ/government will be offered if interest




Non-refundable registration fee: $150 new family, $100 returning family, $75 Arrows 0r SAE family.

Enclose check for registration(make check payable to “Jim Fuller”)

Students:      Name Grade                Date of Birth:

1._________________________________        _________        _____________

2._________________________________        _________        _____________

3._________________________________        _________        _____________

Courses desired: (Put an x next to each desired course if registering one student; for multiple students, indicate

the student # from list above.)

English I____     Biology 1___ Algebra 1___ Latin 1___

English II___     Biology 2*___ Algebra 2___ Latin 2*___

English III___     Chemistry___ Geometry___ Latin 3*___

English IVPre-Cal/Trig___ precal/trig___

Russian 2*___     Russian3/4*____     econ/government____                               

American History from 1877*___                    Survey of Philosophy______  *honors option

Allergies, Medications, etc.: __________________________________________________________________

Learning challenges (must be disclosed now to be considered for admission)

Disciplinary problems in past (please be honest; as a fellow Christian): ________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

Other resource centers attended and dates:______________________________________________________

PARENT’S NAMES:________________________ Church Attended: _________________________________

ADDRESS: Street:____________________________  City:______________________  Zip Code:__________

PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES: __________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO:______________________________________________________________

COMMENTS (anything else we should know to best minister to your child?) _________________________________________________________________________________________

Disciplinary problems will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal: Parent’s initial: ____________

Teacher may request an interview with parents and student and/or placement test.

PARENTS’ SIGNATURES:  ____________________________________________________

Please mail this form and your registration payment to:

Jim Fuller

2 Beckworth Ct

Irmo, SC  29063

For more information, contact Jim Fuller at 603-1572 or e-mail fuller1124@gmail.com.






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803-6031572 Jim Fuller, Headmaster


Wednesday  8-3:30

Thursday 9-4:30